IO Games Reviews

IO Games Reviews

March 14, 2019 Off By GameReview

IO games are on a growing popularity trend and in this article we will present a few of them. Imagine the really old Nokia phone game Snake – but online, 3D and multiplayer. Play as a snake, and collect orbs onscreen. The more you collect, the more experience you’ll gain and the bigger you’ll grow. Grab a boost in experience by absorbing other players – but be careful, they’re after you too!

The success of naturally caught the attention of other game developers. Most notably Steve Howse, creator of A game that closely followed and dominated the gaming industry. It was even reported that was making $100,000 per day. Naturally, the gaming industry could not ignore this new gaming evolution.

Swords and paint blobs go really well together. has you slaying players left and right. Click to slash, W to flee, and mouse to control. Your flee meter needs to recharge, so try not to dash right into the fray. Timing is key in this game since button mashing isn’t an option. Your sword has to return to the side it started on in order for your character to slash again. Don’t waste your slashes or your dashes. You can see and play more on this website : IO Games. : We can play in different modes such as fort and browars, and we can even train with our friends if we want to. Our avatars are spawned in the wild where we have to defend ourselves against wild creatures. In fort mode, we have to kill the players of the opposite teams. In another mode, you and another player have to fight till one of the players is killed.

From the space age to the medieval,’s hack ‘n’ slash gameplay sees two opposing teams pitted against each other in brutal close quarters combat. The ability to pick up potions, swords and armour all the while trying to make those much needed kills to unlock the next class means that isn’t just enjoyable to play once or twice, but provides a genuine incentive to come back and keep playing. is everything you could want from a multiplayer fantasy game, provided you don’t find the use of landmines alongside swords and potions a means of breaking your immersion.